Hosted Blog Services

Use our Software-as-a-Service offers for multi-user blog installations

  • Hosted multi-user blogs

    21Publish lets you set up and manage your own private-labeled multi-user blog solution instantly and easily.

    • Unique 2-layer BlogPortal featuring community homepage and member blogs
    • Central console to manage multi-user platform
    • Unlimited Blogs & Photoblogs for your users
    • Customizable templates & features
    • RSS-Integration of existing Blogs
    • Multiple Options for user registration process

    All services are hosted with us, so you can simply start your online community with just a few clicks.

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  • 21Classes

    21Classes provides state-of-the-art blogging technology plus classroom-specific functionality. Our product has been devised specifically with teachers and students in mind and is being used in more than 40,000 classrooms worldwide. Safety is a major concern, therefore we offer various different options how teachers can secure access to their website, including SSL-protected access to all our hosted ClassroomBlogPortals.

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